For over a decade, Ralph has developed and taught numerous reflexology workshops and programs. Currently, through his training organization, the Reflexology Institute of Arizona, he is offering two unique programs. A 36 hour Fundamental Reflexology Course, and a 200 hour advanced Clinical Reflexology Course.

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RF-36 Fundamental Reflexology Course

The course is specifically designed for the Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), that intends to take NCBTMB's Reflexology Specialty Certificate exam. It is also the first 36 hours of the 200 hour advanced reflexology course (see below). The course term is 4.5 weeks, and consists of 36 in-class hours (CEs). The course incorporates 3 units (nine, 4 hour modules). Weekly in-class training consists of one, 4 hour week night module (5PM - 9PM), and one, 4 hour weekend module (10AM - 2PM). 

CR-200 Clinical Reflexology Course

This course is designed for applicants that intend to become professional reflexologists. The course term is 18 weeks, and consists of 120 in class hours, 50 online anatomy and physiology hours, 4 supervised volunteer practicum hours, 20 hours of documented sessions, and 6 hours of first aid/CPR/AED (provided by the Red Cross). Weekly in class training consists of one 4 hour weekday night school module, and one 4 hour weekend day school module (35 modules in total).

The course meets the requirements of ARCB, NCRE (pending), and NCBTMB.