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For over a decade, Ralph has developed and taught numerous reflexology workshops and programs. Currently, through his training organization, the Reflexology Institute of Arizona, he is offering a unique 170 hour Clinical Reflexology Course, that is presented in three parts.

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CR-170 Clinical Reflexology Course

This course is designed for beginners, Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs), as well as applicants that intend to become professional reflexologists. The course term is 15 weeks, and consists of 120 in-class hours, and 50 online anatomy and physiology hours. It is presented in three parts:

     RF-36 Fundamental Reflexology

     RF-84 Advanced Reflexology

     AP-301 Anatomy & Physiology

The course meets the requirements of ARCB, NCRE (pending), and NCBTMB.

RF-36 Fundamental Reflexology 

This 36 hour program is an NCBTMB approved CE course for Licensed Massage Therapists, and is also suitable for beginners that are seeking a fundamental working knowledge of reflexology. It is Part I of the school’s 170 hour Clinical Reflexology program. The course term is 4.5 weeks long, and consists of 36 in-class hours (CEs). The course incorporates nine, 4 hour modules. Weekly in-class training consists of one, 4 hour week night module (5PM - 9PM), and one, 4 hour weekend module (10AM - 2PM). 

RF-84 Advanced Reflexology

This 84 hour program is designed for applicants that intend to become professional reflexologists. The course is Part II of the CR-170 Clinical Reflexology Course, and is 10.5 weeks long. It consists of 84 in-class hours. Weekly in-class training consists of, one 4 hour weekday night school module, and one 4 hour weekend day school module (30 modules in total).

AP-301 Anatomy & Physiology

The course consists of 50 online hours of Anatomy & Physiology. It is Part III of the CR-170 Clinical Reflexology Course. It is self paced, and is usually taken concurrently with the RF-84 Advanced Reflexology course. 

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