Custom sessions of varying lengths are available. Discuss with your therapist as to pricing and availability. The following fee schedule is for standard sessions.



Initial Clinical Reflexology Session:                           2 hours $129

  • Examination, Assessment & Foot Charting

  • Clinical Reflexology

  • Thai Foot Therapy

  • Ladies' Ayurvedic Scalp Therapy 

  • Ladies' Vietnamese Facial Reflexology 

Regular Clinical Reflexology Session:                    90 Minutes $99

  • Clinical Reflexology

  • Thai Foot Therapy

  • Ladies' Ayurvedic Scalp Therapy

  • Ladies' Vietnamese Facial Reflexology 


Starter Package:           Regular Price $327          Package Price $227

  • 1 - Initial 2-hour Clinical Reflexology Session

  • 2 - Regular 90 minute Clinical Reflexology Sessions

3 Session Package:       Regular Price $297         Package Price $237

  • 3 - Regular 90-minute Clinical Reflexology Sessions

  • Additional sessions can be added to package at $79 each



Monthly Membership Plan:                                       Per Month $79

  • Includes one 90-minute Clinical Reflexology session per month

  • Additional monthly sessions at member price $79

  • Unused sessions roll over, they are not lost

  • Month to Month

  • May cancel at any time with 30 day advance notice

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, facial protocols are temporarily suspended.

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